Tree on House Edina, MN

Tree on House Edina, MN

After one of our many windy weekends here in Minnesota, we received a call from one of our landscape contractors.  He received a call from his client stating that a tree fell on his house over the weekend.  He was up at his cabin and his neighbors called and told him...
Donation of Services to St. John’s Catholic Church

Donation of Services to St. John’s Catholic Church

This is our second year where we have removed a unsightly/dying spruce tree for St. John’s Catholic church in Jordan, MN.  My family belongs to St. John’s and I consider Father Tim Yanta a close personal friend.  So naturally when he called and asked us to...

What to do if a tree falls on your house

First things first, make sure you and your loved ones are all safe. Next go outside and at a safe distance and check the situation. Try to keep in mind alot of communities have overhead power.  If you live in one of these communities, it’s best to stay in the...

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Tree removal/ relocation of indeginous species

At this site we were called in by one of our regular landscaping contractors.  It wasn't one of our most desirable cities to work in with the distance or traffic involved.  The job called for 3 spruce removals and one rather large silver maple.  I never saw this...

Storm Damage Off Lake Minnetonka in Orono, MN

At this particular site, our good friends at Yardscapes Inc. received a call from one of their clients.  He was out of town and his gardener called worried about all the plantings he is paid to look after.  The neighbor's basswood and maple broke due to one of our...

Tree on house Eagan, MN

At this particular job we observed a cottonwood tree uprooted and landed on our client's house. It's difficult to see but there is a deck under it.  The deck wasn't harmed in the fall.  And the deck wasn't harmed in our removal.  This is where our professionalism...

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