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Tree stump removal Lakeville, MN

About 10 to 20 percent of our calls are for stumps or brush piles.  These jobs require only one to two men to take care of.  I was called out to the job site for a pine/spruce stump.  And rarely but sometimes I show up right when the sprinklers are on.  Normally we...

Tree Removal Savage, MN

At this job, our client has several mature Basswood trees located close to his deck.  We were called in to remove half of one of those trees.  I like this posting because it shows that we are able to remove roughly a 3,000 pound tree over a deck and house without...

Tree Removal Burnsville, MN

Our client even managed to get a shot of me in one of the Ash trees taking it down.  This particular one I personally did because of the location.  It was next to her deck, house, hot tub, and not to forget to mention her fence surrounding her hot tub.  She managed to...

Tree Removal Burnsville, MN

These are some action shots of one of my climbers taking down a maple.  It's always nice working for our customers.  It's even more nice when our customers are potentially expert photographers and send us their work of our work.

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